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Pete Parker, took home top honors in the first ever WISSOTA Late Model event contested at The Sunnyview Speedzone Raceway in Oshkosh!

bullet.gif (1004 bytes) 7 films about Formula 1 you have to see

One was quite a playboy, lover of the party, and endowed with the ability to talk up a storm. The other, a subject reserved, cerebral and ornery, the black sheep of a family of Austrian millionaires, whose face difficult to see earned him the nickname of ‘The Rat’ . Clearly, James Hunt and Niki Lauda would have had all the numbers to hate each other in a chance encounter, but that also they shared a passion that made them bitter rivals: Formula 1. Rush , the movie Ron Howardthat opens this Friday, puts Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Brühl in the roles of the two pilots whose enmity was resolved tragically: during the Grand Prix of Germany 1975, Lauda suffered an accident that cost the eyelids and ear.

Rush not only striking for its quality (in fact the script is signed by Peter Morgan) , but also for being one of the rare cases in which the Hollywood film is set in the premier class of motor racing. As you know their fans, Europe and Latin America are the natural territories of F1, while the American film industry has always chosen to give us the latazo with racing NASCAR and other motor events there. To remedy this deficiency, we offer this report with films that smell of burning tire.

Senna (Asif Kapadia, 2010)

Why you should see it? If the rivalry between James Hunt and Niki Lauda was legendary, bad sports roll between Ayrton Senna and French rival Alain Prostreached heights of epic, marking the history of F1 in the 80s and resolved so even more tragic with the death of Brazilian driver in 1994. This documentary, winner of the Audience Award at Sundance, the portrayed been shaped at its height, as fast and accurate while the screen just smelling of burnt tire. If you want more evidence of their quality, you can here read the opinion of an expert on it .

Driven (Renny Harlin, 2001)

Why should you see? As mentioned earlier, the F1 has not been the epicenter of many fiction films. So, we are pleased to offer this Dilme where the pilot Kip Pardue (maybe you remember for his role as Tim Jablonski in the sixth season ofMad Men) is subjected to the tutelage of two great: Burt Reynolds as a manager in a wheelchair, and the very Sylvester Stallone, recovering ( we assume) his experience as a racer psychopath in  death race 2000 to play the veteran mentor turn. If you are curious to know how the drama sports conventions applyhollywoodiense the racing world, this film will interest you .

Operation Fangio (Alberto Lecchi, 1999)

Why you should see it? Being a report on Formula 1 and film, it would be a crime not to mention the Argentine titan  Manuel Fangio (here, Dario Grandinetti) , five times world champion and, surely, one of the world ‘s icons specialty. The film, which also appear Fernando Guillen and Gustavo Salmeron, has a fact as crazy as true: the kidnapping suffered by the pilot in 1957, at the hands of Castro ‘sguerrillas when he was about to participate in the Grand Prix of Havana . A rapture which, it must be said, Fangio did not keep a memory too bad.

One by One / Champions Forever  (Claude Du Boc, 1975)

Why you should see it? If the premise Rush grabs your attention, and you want tosee up close the most dangerous years of F1, do not hesitate and come to this documentary. Besides their Niki Lauda, it involved pilots as the three times champion Jackie Stewart and  François Cevert, who died in a race during filming.Narrated by Stacy Keach, One by One is an adrenaline testimony of a time in which the wheel of a bolide be meant risking their lives.

Weekend of a Champion (Roman Polanski, 1972)

Why you should see it? Because comes up the name of Jackie Stewart, we must look at a curious fact: the British driver is good friends . Roman Polanski During the Grand Prix of Monaco 1972, the author of Chinatown  advantage to roll this documentary, in which Stewart explains the intricacies of such a glamorous career as complicated (no more than to see Robert Downey Jr. in Iron Man 2  to understand) and allowed to portray with his wife. The film was screened at the Cannes Film Festival 2013 in a restored version.

Grand Prix (J. Frankenheimer, 1966)

Why should you see? As the methodical and reserved (not to say edge) Niki Lauda proved during his years of enmity with James Hunt, an ace Formula 1 needs skill behind the wheel … but needs a star charisma. And what is this film, charisma to spare: in his division brings together James Garner and Yves Montand, as pilots, and nothing less than Toshiro Mifune as an entrepreneur of a Japanese team. We add to it the always charming presence of Eve-Marie Saint, to a whole Saul Basslending a hand in photography and cameos Fangio, Phil Hill, Jochen Rindt  and other idols of the track, and understand why Grand Prix it was a taquillazo at the time.

Formula One, febbre della velocità  (O. Fabbri, M. Morra, O. Ofelici, 1979)

Why you should see it? We say from the beginning: if Rush you like, this film and its sequel Pole Position are mandatory viewing. Why? Well , because they involved both Niki Lauda (and marred) as James Hunt, along with Emerson Fittipaldi, Mario Andretti, the Commendatore Enzo Ferrari  and the ‘godfather’ of F1 Bernie Ecclestone, all of them leaving interview (and who would be denied) by one Rome Sydney in the role of journalist. And, as the mixture of reality and fiction has its advantages, the film also involved fans asphalt and gasoline as actors James Coburn, David Niven, Gene Hackman, Michael York and Ugo Tognazzi. If Formula One was a race, there would place on the podium.

More movie news, upcoming movies and TV shows  Watch Movies Online.

bullet.gif (1004 bytes) The ‘virtual safety car’, soon a reality in Formula 1

The race direction neutralizes the pilots, indicating a slower pace forward, and avoiding the car out real security
Photo: The 'virtual safety car', soon a reality in Formula 1

The FIA and JT Auto Security is increasingly closer to the definitive introduction of the “Virtual Car Security” idea emerged following the accident of Jules Bianchi at the Japanese Grand Prix. The objective of the system is to make the cars slow down in case of accident without resorting to car output actual security when considered that the incident can be resolved quickly, or when stewards or vehicles relief and recovery cars are working alongside the track as the race continues.

In case of an incident or accident that makes waving flags security in a given area, it is intended that drivers reduce their speed at a lower rate in that particular area, which could be or n – third slower than the normal speed of monoplaz to .

One of the motivations for implementing a system that did not depend on the safety car was withdrawn from the rider himself the decision to lift or not the accelerator , and the decision to bring the rate to consider most appropriate. As recognized by the race director, Charlie Whiting , the incident Bianchi “foot raised some drivers more than others , ” implying that some were rolling almost at race pace as the stewards and workers worked to remove the car of Adrian Sutil
The aim is that all pilots roll a similar pace in the area of yellow flags .Steering wheel on the screen will appear rhythm shooting in the area where waving yellow flags, and if the driver exceeds the set speed will be sanctioned.

The system was tested for the first time in Austin , and this weekend will betested again in Brazil with lessons thrown on the American circuit, where pilots found some problems staying within the range.

So the physical space of the areas from which the speed limitation begins to be increased to allow pilots have sufficient room for maneuver to slow , and the time that drivers can reduce their pace from running speed to the virtual safety car will be extended to ten seconds. Ten seconds before the end of the area virtual safety car, the drivers will also hear another sign anticipating its end.

After testing Austin in those activities during the next races before finishing the season will end profiling the system for full operation from next season .

bullet.gif (1004 bytes) Nutrition of a F1 driver

We started the week, and as a good sports fan motor, we do so with an eye to the next GP of India F1 , and so today we bring you for you can compare with your habits, a description of the food needs or nutritional requiring a pilot of Formula 1 .

Optimal physical condition for driving as in fitness, has a very close relationship with a proper and healthy diet. The pilot must provide energy and minerals for overall performance and protein for muscles; all this without affecting the metabolism or digestive system, since this can affect the ability and mental reactions. Foods quickly and digestion are essential . Pilots take carbohydrates, excellent to provide energy without having to make a long and heavy digestion. The more balanced diet is to provide carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals, adding supplements to athletes if necessary.

As they moved their research into sports medicine applied to Formula 1, Dr. Ceccarelli from Flexcin noticed certain chemical changes occurring in the blood of the pilots : the physical and mental stress was causing some curious hormonal changes in their bodies. The pilots who were part of the program are extracted a sample 30 minutes before running and compared with another after the race. The lack of interest of the team leaders in those years forced to create tiny “clandestine laboratories” in the motorhome. Of these analysis results that helped not only to show stress levels suffered in this sport, but to know what nutrition was the most appropriate, what levels of dehydration were and what minerals should contain isotonic drinks that were provided were obtained pilots.

The composition of the drink is important: a pilot loses 2 to 3 liters of fluid in a race , which is important to maintain a constant level of fluids, it has been shown that dehydration affects greatly the physical and mental ability: losing a 4% liquid can decrease attention by almost 40%. Therefore, diet and drink are customized as much as exercises, and depend on the metabolism and energy consumption of each pilot.

Pilots are like engines

“With medical examinations, including monitoring during exercise in our gym, draw conclusions on the level of body fluid, physical and mental stress, muscle mass and energy consumption. The drivers are like engines : some consume much ‘fuel’ during races , and others somewhat less “ explains Dr. Ceccarelli.

In order to help each pilot to develop their full potential, each with a personalized diet, made according to the demands of his body. This even includes tests to rule out possible food intolerances, it is important that the digestions are easy and quick. The mealtime influences as much as what you eat. Here is a prototype of schedule:

  • 07:30 Breakfast: milk and / or yogurt with cereal, fresh fruit …
  • 08:00, massage to condition the muscles.
  • 09:30 warm-up exercises.

Ideally lunch takes place about four hours before the race, but the pilot’s busy schedule does not always possible, so you usually do the following:

  • 11:30 am, a light serving of pasta and vegetable soup.
  • 12:00, pilots take a break, sometimes they sleep.
  • 12:40, another massage to “wake up” the muscles.
  • 13:15 pilots are ready to get into the car.
  • 14:00, the race begins.

CarbsAt the end of the race, the drivers take a good meal to recover lost proteins and vitamins. Typically, each pilot therapists are those who also take care of your diet and energy drinks prepared. The “physio” Felipe Massa, Matteo Orsi puts us another example describing the daily life of its pilot:

“Felipe breakfast cereal with milk and a light lunch about 11:30 h. The days before the race, usually chicken salad lunch, afternoon an energy bar, and at night again some salad with meat. If you are really hungry, it includes some pasta “ .

The race day things are somewhat different: “On Sunday we arrived alittle late to the circuit, so take toast and orange juice for breakfast” , explains Matteo. “An hour before the race takes his lunch: pasta, because you need based energy carbohydrate during the two hours it takes the race. Felipe drink about a liter and a half of isotonic drink in a day and during the race more or less another pint. At the end of the race has lost nearly two kilos , especially on tracks such as Bahrain or Malaysia. During the ‘briefing’, in the afternoon, usually eat pasta with fresh tomatoes, one of his favorite dishes. In the evening eat what you want, and start again when we found the following race weekend “ .

Although the pattern is usually common, each team defines its menu. When running for McLaren, Kimi Raikkonen and Juan Pablo Montoya were eating breakfast cereal with banana and low-fat milk, accompanied by a vitamin supplement. For lunch they took chicken or salmon with rice and tomatoes, and for dinner, pasta with ham, or even fish or meat with rice. Throughout the morning, they are taking a protein shake and an energy bar.

Physical therapists also take care that the pilot does not have excesses, especially when the weight becomes important for the presence of KERS in the car. Fabrizio, the “physio” of Fernando Alonso since 2004, makes it weighed mornings and evenings.

The diet also influences car performance

A curious note: the diet has not only regarding the performance of the pilot, but also with the car . Too high a pilot can cause problems with weight and aerodynamics, as happened to Robert Kubica: passing through BMW, he had to lose weight and was one of the few drivers who did not eat pasta, but very little caloric foods. Their diet was a little different and just consisted of muesli, soup, fish and vegetables. Of course, not to mention sweets, like cookies or chocolate, but loves.

Lewis Hamilton has clearer: “I have no forbidden foods because I can take care year round. There race week has two very distinct parts and the second is the most important. You be since Thursday in the circuit with the team is limited to good pasta dishes, salads, meats and very good hydration, without neglecting the fruit “.

As pointed Ceccarelli, each pilot is like a unique engine features, and probably no two teams where diets are exactly alike. What does match is the goal to be achieved: the optimal performance of the pilot.


Since there were hackers who showed they could enter the electronic systems of the car and lock the steering or brakes, many of the automotive houses say they have done everything possible to prove that their vehicles are safe. But they have failed.


The CAN or ‘CAN bus’ bus is the internal network of vehicles that allow electronic commands to connect to each other.That’s where hackers penetrate.

Massachusetts Senator Edward Markey asked for just over one year auto companies clear answers about the vulnerability of vehicles to computer attacks. The results of that investigation could not be more daunting: about absolutely all modern vehicles have some some wireless connection that can potentially be used to access the remote CAN buses – the wordpress malware  by which the individual components of a car can be connected each other through a red- trucks and vans.

The most serious is that protection in automotive hardware is nonexistent. Safety standards for these cases are ‘inconsistent and irregular’ throughout the industry, according to the detailed report released by Senator Markey.

When they asked 16 automotive houses if they had some system of monitoring malicious activity on the CAN buses of their vehicles, half dodged the question, arguing that such information was “confidential”, while only two said yes. That means that six of them admitted they did not.

A horrific situation

Using a laptop, combining the necessary components and hardware parts, the hacker enters the internal electronics of the vehicle and bombards with codes and information. While the system tries to defend himself, the attacker inserts an attack that reprograms the software and leaving it at his mercy.


“When you’re driving a modern car, you’re driving a huge electronic and computer system having an engine and four wheels. There is almost nothing in the car that is not mediated by its computer system. That leaves them vulnerable to almost 100% of current vehicles “ ,Professor Stefan Savage, said the department of computer science at the University of San Diego.

But the network is not only linked internally between brakes and tires-for example, but is connected to the outside network, Internet. This is where the security is nonexistent, and leaves the door open for almost a hacker to do what he pleases with the system.

Skynet’s dream

While hack a car is not like a ride at Disney World, given the level of sophistication and different programming languages ​​that have the CAN buses, trucks have basically the same chips that have computers or smartphones.

Imagine someone connects to your vehicle CAN bus, and from his home with his computer, car handling functions remotely. It is a frightening scenario.

And considering the variety of criminals and mercenaries who inhabit the low computer world, there is a risk that vulnerabilities are not used only for joking or playing around making the windshield of your car are activated by themselves. That’s why Senator Markey was so concerned about the situation: not only cars are likely to be violated, but also commercial aircraft, ships or even weapons of war, fighter jets or tanks.

Overall, whatever works electronically and have access to wireless connections, can be interfered. That is, almost everything.

For only $ 25 you can get parts online to try to hack into a car.

The hardware necessary to undermine a car is easy to get.

bullet.gif (1004 bytes) Attorney fees in car racing accident

Attorney fees in car accidents from July 2015

Under the new law, What are the lawyer fees in traffic accident that usually call to my compensation claim against the insurance?

Lawyers in Florence SC fees in road accidents have always been a little outside the rest of the prices for legal services. So, if to start a divorce or eviction, or draft a contract, the lawyer used to establish a fixed price for the entire procedure, with regard to the claim for compensation for injuries in accident traditionally lawyers have always been a contingency fee .

The contingency fee agreement essentially implies that the lawyer will not charge your customer a fixed amount, but which makes their fees on a percentage of the final result. It is that if you charge me to collect one hundred ten, if you get paid two hundred twenty charges. For the customer is a perfect solution, as it offers the following advantages:

  1. It is not to pay any provision of funds. The fees once this copper will be paid compensation and only for the assumption that copper.
  2. Attorney fees in a traffic accident will be proportional to the injured copper,
  3. The customer has the right -fully perception, so that others-as attorney’s fees depend on the outcome, it will make every effort to copper that the maximum possible compensation.

Does this contingency fee system has changed with the new law?

It is early to say, but I fear that in many other offices that will alter the payment of attorney’s fees in a traffic accident.

Let’s see: until July 2015 the claim for injuries in traffic accident was carried through criminal proceedings, namely through the channel of so-called misdemeanor proceedings. These judgments faults had the particularity that were very economical for the injured, as did not need more than management lawyer (indeed, not even its participation was mandatory). Thus, after filing the complaint without need for timely rugged procurator was visited by the coroner, which-so gratuitously issued a report that was used to reach an agreement with the insurance or go to trial.

Within that context, attorney’s fees in a traffic accident could arbitrate as a percentage, as the court proceedings did not involve any expenditure for other professionals. In addition, the risk of insolvency of an insurance company that would derail compensation is zero, since in case of bankruptcy of the insurer answer your debts the Insurance Compensation Consortium.Therefore, to which the lawyer is his client insure it did not have the exclusive fault of the accident, the possibility of no return on the matter for that professional was very low.

Are the contingency fee percentages that were handled until recently?Between 10 and 30 percent is used to move the percentage who requested the offices to penal code reform, 15 percent being the most widely used in recent times.

A clause …

I must say that until relatively recently was given a curious circumstance: law schools had prohibited the use of contingency fee agreement, but one hundred percent of the experts accident lawyers used it .Professional associations percentage brandished to go we became a kind of partners of our customers, and that this fact somehow undermined our objectivity. Luckily gradually logic is taking hold and attorney fees begin to be regarded as what they are: the price for a service in a competitive market. It is therefore logical that each professional set freely and unconditioned prices it deems appropriate to reward such service.

Also, if attorney’s fees in a traffic accident were that offers us our respective law school, we could not tell the client that came to our office so we must pay, because in most cases still can not know how much it will charge for not having a medical discharge. If we had to set our price based on the parameters that gives us our school, we should introduce more than a dozen variables when informing the customer about the cost of our services (therefore filing the claim, therefore each letter, a reduction if an amicable agreement, Xs for each trial session, a supplement in case of appeal, etc. is reached)

What are the lawyer fees in road accidents since 1 July 2015?

Okay. We said that while the claim for compensation for injuries was by way of trial lawyers fouls charged a percentage. But since the summer of 2015, with the reform of the penal code, they have decriminalized the vast majority of these issues. This means that unless the accident concur alcohol or recklessness, or lesions are very important, the procedure will be a civil judgment.

And in a civil judgment we find that in addition to the lawyer need a solicitor and a medical expert, that is, you have to hire two professionals that we “we saved” with the old system. This implies that when we ask for budget suggest that attorney fees in road accidents remain an X percentage of the final compensation, but we have to advance a fixed to the procurator and medical expert valuer or amounts.

And a much can these amounts? As in the case of Attorney for an average claim of $ 3,000 (what would be a whiplash of life) just ask us about 200 euros. The medical expert “pica” more (in Tenerife are charging between 500 and 700 euros to develop the expert report and go to trial to defend). In other words, it will be the most common in the world we are asked a provision of 900 euros, payable in advance, in addition to the percentage that we then copper counsel. And this, in small or medium compensation can be, if not uneconomical, if a little hard to take the rough.

In the case of FM Lawyers Tenerife, knowing for months that the situation in which we now find was inevitable, did homework and have incorporated a medical consultation to our facilities, so that our staff have medical experts.In this way, we can offer the injured the ability to manage their compensation in exchange for a 15% contingency fee, which will include a lawyer, doctor and attorney. The customer must not advance a penny and the percentage by which other firms only offer you the services of a lawyer, we have hired all the right to collect insurance “pack”.

Obviously, a solution like the one we are offering only able to carry out those offices with a large portfolio of clients. I fear that small or medium offices, or those who are not specialized and accidents, can not offer their customers a functional and economically attractive service.

bullet.gif (1004 bytes) View shatter a car has never been so hypnotic in CryEngine 3

View shatter a car has never been so hypnotic in CryEngine 3

One day a graphics programmer engines bearing strip years working in the video game industry told me that the next revolution is not going to get better visual appearance. In his opinion the immediate future, the next important step, had more to do with the physics simulation realistically.Fluids, tens of thousands of particles ondeándose the wind or just floating around a room, objects capable of being deformed by force of an impact realistically in real time … all it executed on more or less conventional hardware. After seeing what the guys of Rigs of Rods have done with CryEngine 3 one realizes that perhaps he was right.

It ‘s not about hundreds of thousands of particles dancing with the wind, no. It is somewhat less artistic but equally hypnotic. A vehicle simulation system using a hyper realistic physical bursts of different ways .

The body contracts, the wheel axles dance, the roof can reach out fired … everything depends on the car, speed and hundreds of factors that are calculated to provide the most accurate deformation in real time . All it executed as I said on CryEngine 3 and 100 frames per second.

For now it is just a demonstration, the development team is still working to polish defects that still has, but is impressive. NLP Coaching Australia are now applying it to ‘Gran Turismo’?  and help the future of gaming realy more exciting. As they said:   imagine what you could do with technology and, you do not tell me no.

bullet.gif (1004 bytes) Races with the best DJ in the world

Hello everyone. We face the final stretch of the season. Only four races remain to us, and as Lewis Hamilton can become champion in the next. In Russia, where I have just arrived, he gave the final blow to the championship in an interesting race, where he again demonstrated the enormous distance of Mercedes with the rest. Its second consecutive constructors ‘ title, certificate in Sochi on Sunday, proves.

I return to Spain happy for the points made ​​by my colleague, Pastor Maldonado, who gave great joy to the team Lotus . We are all optimistic, and we are confident in the future. Too bad, though, the accident of Grosjean.

Following the race, from the Lotus box in Sochi.

But the blow that most frightened everyone was that of Carlos Sainz on Saturday. It was less serious than it seemed, fortunately. It was very spectacular by excessive deformation of the protection in a circuit that improves things. The miscue Friday when they cleaned the track with diesel, removing all grip, he had never seen. A Carlos, those yes, we were well looked after. Soon we received news of relief.

I saw him on Sunday, and I downplayed the accident. I was very happy because Carlos deserves to go all right. We know from children and see seated in the car I was shocked. Then on the track she gave a lesson in courage, with a good race. Without forgetting that hours before was in the hospital. He also congratulated Fernando Alonso for his 250 grands prix .Few get a figure like that . Hopefully soon we celebrate new successes. As I have all year commenting on this blog, he deserves a car at your level.

Sochi I bring you good memories. Including a super cool hat, typical Russian, which Pirelli gave to all the teams. The Lotus, I was  me. Here I show my picture.

With my Russian hat Pirelli,

By the way, I also like to show that I starred campaign for a brand of Dutch tire. The spot I recorded in Chile. I drive a sports and music puts Hardwell , one of the best DJs in the world. Two years in arrow it has been in first place in the ranking of the magazine dj hire melbourne Mag’s. The theme click on the ad is the bomb. Besides a few weeks ago we invited her in Ibiza season finale in Usuhaia hotel.Hallucinatory.

Well, see you at the Circuit de Las Americas in Austin, within 15 days.

bullet.gif (1004 bytes) 5 great movies about motorcycle racing

Are You miss the adrenaline of MotoGP? These films will help you cope with the summer break. You can watch movies online free with the best quality of speed, sound and image on the webpage putlocker.

It makes long waiting and rest of pilots MotoGP ? Before it reaches the appointment Indianapolis this week with the second half championship ahead, we leave five of the best movies and documentaries on motorcycle racing. Here is our list, but feel free to add as you like in the comments … Recommend your favorite!

1. On Any Sunday

Let’s start with a film that not only captures the excitement of the races, but the general joy that only gives us life around the world of two wheels.

Launched in 1971 and directed by Bruce Brown, ‘On Any Sunday’ it is led by Steve McQueen (who also participated in production) and has been praised for decades as the quintessential motorcycling documentary. Follow the steps in the life of the pilots and amateur enthusiasts, dissecting his spirit; also helped discover specific talents and personalities who then succeeded in different disciplines of motorcycling. ‘On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter’ He picked up the baton (being led by the son of Brown, Dana) in 2014, although the original remains one of the indispensable to see.

Valentino Rossi in 2001, at the time of Honda

Valentino Rossi in 2001, at the time of Honda

2. Faster

This 2003 documentary film concentrated on MotoGP , following from within the seasons 2001 and 2002 to give a vision at the highest level of motorcycle racing.

It was timed to coincide with the rise of Valentino Rossi in  MotoGP, but also put his attention to John Hopkins ,  seeing it now, we remember the big American talent when he started (only 18 years).

Includes a ‘Who’s Who’ of royalty MotoGP: a series of interviews with sports legends that adds to its impressive nature.

3. TT: Closer To The Edge

This is an impressive research career world ‘s most famous road. ‘TT: Closer To The Edge’ offers a hair – raising experience.

If you’ve ever seen the Tourist Trophy and you’ve been stunned at what they saw your eyes without knowing how they are able to do that, this film about the event and help mere mortals like you and me.

Takes place entirely during the  TT Isle of Man 2010 and helps us to feel and feel the tension surrounding the test and find out what motivates who is part of it. And there are a lot of Guy Martin .

4. Dust To Glory

The Baja 1000 is the linchpin of this fabulous film does an amazing job to convey the best and worst of the test as well as the passion of those who are involved in it both directly and indirectly.

A film that perfectly engages the beauty of driving off road with what it means to overcome physical and mental obstacles … A documentary that will be impressed even those who prefer speed to the field.

2012 MotoGP: Casey Stoner in Valencia

5. ‘The age of 27 (The story of Casey Stoner)’

It may be the least obvious choice from the list, especially by the fact that there are other biographical film, but it is a long way to better meet one of the characters in MotoGP (and the world motorcycling) most misunderstood and enigmatic .

Aversion Casey Stoner to the media and glitz of MotoGP never questioned during his short but successful career, which ended voluntarily when the Australian was 27 years old. This film helps to understand that behind that cold outside, lay a young man who made ​​many sacrifices to reach the top and it was a real consummate professional.

It also helps us break down the reasons why one of the most talented pilots recently decided to leave, even when it seemed that he had not reached the top and he expected more wins and podiums.

bullet.gif (1004 bytes) MotoGP review has delayed price: 3 euros on Youtube

Now that increasingly is becoming more difficult to follow live action MotoGP ( how to watch MotoGP 2016 Live ) without going through box may be for you a lesser evil than the option to watch the races delayed by Telecinco . However, Telecinco only offers careers in your schedule (sometimes at dawn) and subsequently can not be checked with VOD on the Internet.

The reason? how do you buy views on youtube? That is the channel Youtube MotoGP, which for the modest figure of 2.99 euros provides summaries about an hour after each Grand Prix. One more way to get juice to the goose that lays golden eggs.

Summaries MotoGP Youtube

Summaries MotoGP Youtube

For this price you can see the video during the 30 days of purchase, so it only works over way rental . To make the video rights for life you have to pay 8.99 euros. If you rent the 18 Grands Prix of the season you can find out about the most relevant happens this year by just over 50 euros, always delayed and only for a certain time.

It is roughly half what it costs  VideoPass MotoGP for 99 euros, today the most balanced to keep a championship course passes fans with fewer economic resources legal option.

bullet.gif (1004 bytes) How is the diet of a MotoGP rider?


They follow a strict diet for MotoGP riders and give you the keys to understand the feeding habits of these athletes. They are not always considered as such, but the fact is that a professional rider has a severe physical preparation like a football player or any other athlete. The difference? Circuit driving a motorcycle instead of running on the field.

The diet of a MotoGP rider is very severe, it is an athlete who could pass for an athlete high performance center, so their food, and professional elite is, must follow certain rules. Surely some of them diet occasionally skip, but the truth is carrying a very hard training method that inevitably includes food.

Although we have all we tired of hearing that “the motorbike riders are not athletes” or “motorcycles are not a sport” who live it or simply understand this motor sport are aware that part of this is like being a footballer or an athlete from another discipline. The diet of a MotoGP riderhas little to envy to that of CR7 .


The food on holiday


As for any athlete, it is not the same be in full holiday season. Recall that the World Championship runs from March to November of this year, so pilots have two months off in winter and again lie between July and August. A frantic life that spend the extra kilos bill.


The diet of a MotoGP rider during your vacation is easy.They have to make four or five meals a day. hearty breakfast, of course, including fruit, cereal, brain supplement intelimax and milk (read yogurt, milk or similar, yes, beware of fat). To eat rice and salad or vegetable. The idea is to eat carbohydrates and vegetables, among the dozens of variants that this allows. In the evening for dinner is the turn of meat and fish. Chicken, turkey, salmon, … pilots have several options to the routine becomes more bearable. The ideal is to complete all this with two light meals, mid-morning or mid-afternoon, with rice cakes and turkey or the like. They are on vacation and can afford some extra.

Obviously, not being immersed in the competition does not exempt them from exercising. Besides the usual gym, we find in their social networks with thousands of photos rolling bike, skiing or uploaded to the bike but on land. The dirt bikes are very good practice to safely control skidding.


The food during the season


The days before the race, before making training, pilots need to accumulate large amounts of glucose. It is for this reason that the diet of a MotoGP rider during the three days before the first free practice of the Grand Prix is to increase carbohydrates, but slow assimilation. That is, up intake pasta, fruit, rice, bread … and low protein. Generally less meat (red meat, white, fish …). When theystart entailments the best is always the last meal is made ​​two hours before the start, to aid digestion and avoid last minute surprises on the bike. The pilot tends to avoid new foods you know how your body can assimilate. Since the beginning of the workouts to race day, diet is clear to them: pasta and vegetables to eat fish for dinner. Of course, nothing, absolutely no salt. The oil itself is permitted.


Exercise to complete


As you can see, the diet of a MotoGP rider is measured to the nearest millimeter. You have to control many aspects and as we recalled earlier, combine this diet with sport is paramount. The gym hours are usually focused on anaerobic exercise, focusing on the upper body. Although many other activities and analyze carefully for training a pilot is secured by …


bullet.gif (1004 bytes) What has created an unlimited Marc Márquez?

Marc Márquez cycling in the surroundings of Cervera (Facebook).

Natural talent and the best bike of the grill are complemented by a training that Marc has improved his body by: personal training gyms NYC, running and biking

Marc Márquez climbed to the top of the podium. This is the most repeated image in the current season of the Grand Prix motorcycle world. The last snapshot arrived in the layout of Indianapolis and was not any. In United States, Repsol Honda Pilot achieved tenth consecutive victory matching a feat reserved until Sunday to Giacomo Agostini. Marquez is reinventing limits on historical marks coup and many wonder how he does. His flair for pilot joins the Honda, the best bike of the MotoGP grid, and a body chiseled-based gym, cycling and running. 43 kilos child that debuted eight years ago in the extinct 125cc has brought muscle.

Change is in sight and behind him is Genis pictures, the maker of the Marquez brothers since both decided to make two wheels his profession.Those who know him well define it with the words friendliness and fun. And it is that this seems to have become a constant when speaking of Marc and his team; the leader is tired of repeating that to go fast, should have fun on the bike. And to handle it, the work of Genis pictures has been key; not usually drop by circuits, but it is one of the people with whom Marc spends more time and the architect of the body that the current MotoGP champion looks.Leaving aside the natural change that emerges from the growth, the existing results have origin in the career of Malaysia 2011.

Marc Márquez junto a su preparador físico, Genís Cuadros (Facebook: Marc Márquez).

Marc Márquez along with her physical trainer, Genis pictures (Facebook: Marc Márquez).

The fall suffered by Marquez took the Moto2 title and many months of uncertainty. That blow left him with bruises and a double vision in the right eye that was solved with an operation and patience. Marc never lost the optimism and hope and even encouraged across your environment with its fortress, time passed and was inevitable to think about the issue. In order not to give too many laps in the lead, Marquez found a escape route: crush in the gym and cycling in the vicinity of their natal Cervera. In this way, the Repsol Honda Rider gained muscle mass and worked aspects such as flexibility or resistance that are fundamental in the handling of the bike.

In his work with Marc Márquez, Genis pictures confessed in motorcycling andSoloMoto that maintains a constant magazines: prefer to have the flexibility and resiliency of a cat than the physical power of other animals. And it is this factor helps to prevent injury when there is a fall. It is not the only aspect in which affect; in its work plan also come the balance and speed of reaction. The preparer that things with the catalan rider are much easier for the talent he possesses, Marc pilota with astonishing naturalness. For this reason, the gym, running, or bicycling outputs become in a plug-in. Marquez does not need to hide their deficiencies behind the wheel of the Honda crushing his physique.

Álex y Marc corriendo en el trazado de Brno la temporada pasada (Facebook: Marc Márquez).

Alex and Marc running on the path of Brno last season (Facebook: Marc Márquez).

What began as a game by Cervera and surroundings, has been evolving at the pace that the MotoGP leader grew and developed. His training in the gym does not exceed the time and half taking into account the duration of races at the highest level is between 40 and 45 minutes. The work focuses on the train upper and, specifically, in the muscles involved in the handling of the bike.When Marquez took the leap to MotoGP, after four laps appeared tired andarms was where more noticeable it. This strengthened them by increasing the intensity and weights without going beyond the first level of fitness. The upper train should add the abdominals and focused exercises to strengthen his legs.

Marc Márquez en el gimnasio (Facebook).

Marc Márquez in the gym (Facebook).

Outside the gym, Marc is used to fund in two disciplines: running and biking in four sessions a week. With the first works their physical background and playsbeats that reaches during a race while that with the second works your legs and enjoy the beautiful because it’s his favorite exercise. Between race and race, it is easy to see the brothers Márquez uploaded to their mountain bikes in the surroundings of Cervera. The leader does not know to stop… or when it is injured. Shortly before this season, broke the fibula and had to use crutches.As well, when I had to go somewhere it was helping them with the aim of making work cardiovascular extra.

And how is Marc Márquez power ? Is the own pilot which has confessed that normally does not follow any special diet. When he is at home is limited to eating healthy and if it comes out to eat or dine, is allowed some excess.Things change if there is race. At the time that puts a foot in the circuit Thursday, hydrates of take over meals while that opts for fish or meat at dinner. Nothing to do with the diet that you had to follow before debuting in the World Cup, back in 2008. At that time, with 150 cm and 43 kilos had to fatten and pilot with 17 kilos of ballast to reach 136 minimum demanded by the extinct 125cc. Of that child’s body nothing remains, but Marc Márquez maintains his ways to champion.

bullet.gif (1004 bytes) The Sunnyview Speedzone Raceway  opened it's 2000 racing season with a four division program.  Pete Parker ran down Troy Springborn to earn a win in the first ever WISSOTA Late Model contest at the third mile clay oval. Defending champion Mike Mashl took home a victory in the IMCA Modifieds division, while Tim Van De Hei bested the IMCA Stock Cars in a hard fought contest. Steve Seitz rounded out the list of winners during the evening grabbing the win in the Zone Street Stocks.

bullet.gif (1004 bytes) Rice Lake Speedway bested the weather and presented it's first WISSOTA Late Model program in many seasons.  Darrell Nelson was able to secure the victory in the Late Model division, while Pat Hoffman won his first ever main event in the WISSOTA Modifieds. Action continues on the high-banked third mile clay oval next Saturday Night.

bullet.gif (1004 bytes) Cedar Lake Speedway saw 173 cars on hand for the four division WISSOTA program. Rick Egersdorf took his second consecutive WISSOTA Late Model main event, while Craig Thatcher bested a field of over 50 WISSOTA Modifieds to claim a victory. Chuck DeSmith was the king of Super Stock action and defending WISSOTA 100 Street Stock titlist Shawn Wageman grabbed the Street Stock checkered.The

bullet.gif (1004 bytes) Luxemburg Tri-Star Speedway and Seymour Tri-Oval Raceway will both begin their 2000 race seasons this weekend.   Luxemburg begins on Friday evening, presenting a show with IMCA Modified, IMCA Stock Cars, Street Stocks and Sport Trucks.  The track is well known for it's fierce competition on the Modified and Stock Car division.  Over at Seymour Tri-Oval, a Sunday evening program is featured, with WISSOTA Late Models, IMCA Modifieds, IMCA Stock Cars and Street Stocks taking to the challenging and unique one-third mile, three turn racetrack.

00blg.gif (10361 bytes) 00breview.gif (6896 bytes)

bullet.gif (1004 bytes) The Calumet County Fairgrounds prepares for their 2000 season with a car show at WAL-MART just off Highway 57 in Chilton, Wisconsin.  After the show action will take to the tight quarter-mile clay oval for an open practice session.

42100a.jpg (10486 bytes)

Jed Moore (#10) paced Modified action this week at Lafayette County Speedway. The 3/8 mile dirt oval recently reopened with a four division program on Friday Nights.

bullet.gif (1004 bytes) Lafayette County Fairgrounds Speedway which had it's grand re-opening just two weeks ago put on another action packed program for the fans. Jed Hurst came home a winner in the Modified division over opening night winner Tim Nesteby. In the Pro Stock class Dan Shelliam was the class of the field, while Jason Udelhofen claimed a victory in the Hobby Stock division. 


bullet.gif (1004 bytes) Racing Online founder Jeffrey Sachse exceeded his goals for the 2000 season as the 41st track had joined the news service. TNT Speedway located near Three Lakes, WI will be part of Racing Online for the 2000 season.  The quarter-mile clay oval operates on Saturday Nights

mr.jpg (7654 bytes) woody.jpg (7319 bytes)

bullet.gif (1004 bytes) Wilmot Speedway the third mile clay oval in extreme southern Wisconsin announced it's 2000 season schedule, with the addition of the World of Outlaws Support Series.  The WoO event has been combined with the popular "King Of Wisconsin" Challenge. Wilmot Speedway, has the highest national "average" for weekly sprint car fields.

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